3 page paper

1. Visit an art museum in person and submit proof of attendance at the museum you choose (photo of yourself in front of the museum or a museum sign, scanned brochure or schedule of events, admission fee receipt or gift shop receipt).  For a list of area museums, please see the Sources of Museum Visit folder below.  If you live outside the Washington, DC Metro area, please contact me for approval or ideas for museum visits.2. You will then write a minimum 3-page paper on THREE art works from the museum you visit.3. Your paper must include proper identification of each of the three art works; a discussion of: – the style/movement each work fits into and explanation – a discussion of 2-3 formal elements related to each work you discussUse  to identify each of the art works you choose. You may print out the form and use it as a note taking aide (no need to submit the form with the paper). 4. Your paper must also include an introduction and a conclusion, a heading and proper grammar/spelling/sentence structure. Please use the \”Art 100 Museum Paper Grading Rubric\” (attached above) as a checklist as you write your paper to ensure that ALL required information is included in each section of your paper.5. Check out the main menu button labeled \”\” for help with writing your paper.6. Save your file and submit your paper using the Submit Your Museum Paper link.

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