A work of Literature that directly refers to a specific historical event. Such as a poem or short story during WW I or WWII.

Instruction & Requirements:

Typed ds 12pt font times roman numeral

Background info about the historical period when the work was written.

Discussion of how this historical context is reflected in the literary work and where relevant.

Biographical information about the author.

Use both primary and secondary sources. primary-include the work of literature you are discussing and any additional sources (letters, diaries, interviews) that provide direct information about the author and time period.

secondary-include books & articles that provide historical background, biographies, and works of literary criticism.

Use Grolier Online, EBSCO host, ERIC, or edu sites

NO google or Wikipedia.

Use at least 4 sources including 1 print source.

Follow MLA format plus a works cited page with resources used per MLA.

Needs a debatable thesis in your paper or research question.

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