All about the Money! Is Money the Most Effective Means of Motivating and Keeping Employees Happy?

For this discussion activity, your scavenger hunt will be completed by finding two examples of where an organization and management excelled in ensuring employees were properly compensated, including benefit packages, and then provide two examples of where an organization failed in this area, along with the end result for the organization (even to the point where the organization takes advantage of employees during hard economic times). Think about examples from the past or from your organization where the employees had great benefits and describe what the work environment was like, compared to some of the examples where organizations are not doing much in these areas and perhaps are even reducing benefits or compensation. In addition, I want you to consider the significant part that healthcare costs play and some of the major issues employees and employers have to deal with in this area.  Remember, these examples can come from any organization. If you do find applicable information on your own organization while working on this discussion, please use it where applicable in your SWOT analysis. These examples can be from current events, historical instances, or classic examples, in video or print.Conduct a web search seeking two examples where organizations are paying and compensating employees in new and innovative ways, and then provide two examples where this is not happening.

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