There\’s no specific pages that needs to be done but here is the outline: I have to find an artwork of a famous artist and critique it using description in paragraph 1 , analyzing in paragraph 2, interpreting in paragraph 3, and judging in paragraph 4.  I need at least 1 paragraph minimum with at least 5-6 sentences. DESCRIBE the art (be descriptive enough that the reader can visualize the art, describe objects in the artwork); ANALYZE (how did the artist use the principles of art in the work); INTERPRET (what do you believe the artwork is about, what was the artist intentions, use your previous findings and research as evidence); JUDGEMENT (is the artwork successful, why and why not? what works in the piece? What should be changed, added, or eliminated?) I will need a title for the art project. Please let me know if this can be done asap. thank you! I can choose the Mona Lisa artwork or Frida Khalo self-portrait of pain, just a few examples..  

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