Article Review.

The purpose of the article reviews are to provide you with the practice in researching current issues and trends in human resources management, and reporting them back to your colleagues. Article #1 can be on any topic relating to a current issue or trend in. The article should include a cover sheet, 2-3 pages of content, the article reference and any other references used, per APA style guidelines. I would prefer that your source for each article review is either a peer-reviewed article or a business or human resources journal or magazine.  Articles reviewed must be less than two years old.  Please upload your article review as a Word document.  On the weeks when these article reviews are due, I may ask for a small number of volunteers to share their articles with the class.Article reviews may be on any topic relating to human resource management, and should include the following: 1) Summary of article,2) A brief assessment of the evidence that supports or contradicts the claims of the article, either your own experience or that of others, information from your text, or other information found online or in additional articles,3) Your personal observations or opinions on the topic.

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