Article Review

Instruction & Requirements:
Reviews should concentrate on the research that supports the article (if the article details a research project/effort), the authors purpose (was it accomplished?), the conclusions reached, and how this articles content relates to the weeks subject matter on the EEO complaint process. Note: A summary of the articles content does not constitute a critical review!…please elevate your thinking one notch above that!

The article review should be written in the following format using these SUBHEADINGS:

1. Citation / Source (name of article, authors name, etc. in APA format) Place this as the first item in the review

2. Major Thesis (a summary of the article, main points, its relationship to course content, and your critical evaluation of the articles supporting research/data)

3. Utility (How useful is the article to the HR discipline? How might it be applied to the HR environment? How does it apply to this courses content?

4. Conclusion

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