Article Search and review

Class:Find two articles in the library that covers this week\’s information. Write a short paragraph of 100-200 words for each of the articles. The listing of the reference does not count in the word count. Only the description of the article review counts towards the word count. Run your paper through the plagiarism checker and Grammarly programs. You do not have to turn in the Grammarly report, that is for you to fix your paper where grammar is concerned. Remember Grammarly does not correct APA.You do not have to submit the plagiarism checker report. However, make sure the similarity index is under 10%.There are times I will randomly run some article reviews through the plagiarism checker and if the similarity index is over 10% the article review will not be accepted and you will receive a  for the assignment. Please make sure this does not happen to you.Thanks  

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