Assessing the Contribution of Teacher Diversity to the Academic Success of Eighth Grade Social Science Students

Instruction & Requirements:
This order is to rewrite a current chapter 4 which is the results chapter with the updated data that is provided.

I have attached several files for use: Raw data for student test scores and raw data for teacher ethnicity. I have also attached a frequency guide to help decipher the test scores as well as my prior chapter 4 with sample data from another school district. I have also attached my Chapter 1-3 for background.

Im not sure how many pages and references the results chapter normally is has so I requested 15 as a starting point. If you believe there needs to be more please let me know.

These are the codes for the student test scores that link to the Data Request File (Study focuses on 8th graders) (If the 8th grade data does not provide a large enough sample we can use 9-12 grade): AMHIST1 American History I AMHIST2 American History II CIVECON Civics and Economics ENGLANG3 English 3 SOCSTD08 Grade 8 Social Studies WRLDHIST World History

Teacher Data Legend: B= Black H= Hispanic O= Other W= White A= Asian I= Indian/Native American

Please contact if you need more details or need explanation on anything. If you think you will need more time please let me know ASAP.

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