4-46. A manufacturer of tires produces two kinds of tires. The premium tire, The Last -Forever, is a;steel -belted, puncture -resistant, long -wear tire that holds all records for quality within the industry.;The other tire, Lane -Handler, is a simple low cost 40,000 mile warranty unbranded tire. The;Last -Forever contributes $50 per tire to the bottom line for the company, while the Lane -Handler;contributes only $10 to the bottom line. Both tires are manufactured at the same factory and require;the same machines to be produced. Malchine A and machine B are both used in the two-step process;used to make the tires. The time consumed in hours on each machine to fabricate a tire are given;below.;Total Hours;Lane -Handler Last -Forever Available;Machine A 1 4 120;Machine B 2 2 100;Twenty Lane -Handlers have been promised to a valued dealer and 4 Last-Forevers have been;promised the owner\’s son.;(a) Find the product mix that maximizes profit.;(b) What is the OV?;(c) If machine B hours could be increased to 120, then what would be the change in the OV?;(d) What would be the impact if a maintenance problem reduced available machine A hours;to 100?;4-49. Karma Computers produces two computer models, Standard and Deluxe. A Standard model is;produced by assembling a single disk drive with a Standard Chassis. A Deluxe model is produced;by assembling two disk drives with a Deluxe Chassis. The Standard model has a net profit per unite;$300 while the Deluxe model has a net profit per unit of $400. The current inventory of Karma;consists of 60 Standard Chassis, 50 Deluxe Chassis and 120 Disk Drives.;(a) Formulate the Karma LP model.;(b) Optimize the Karma model and use that result to fill in the missing values in the blank;cells of the worksheet in Figure 4.22.;1 KARMA COMPUTER;2 Decision Variables S;3 Quantity I PROF 11;4_Contrib. Margin $300 $400;Subject To: LI IS RHS Slack;-5 6H Schas Constr 1 < 60;Dchas Constr 1 < 50;Ddrive Constr;Chapter 4 Linear Optimization: Sensitivity Analysis;(c) Use the results from the worksheet above to fill in the missing values for Final Value and;Constraint R.H. Side in the blank cells of the Karma model Sensitivity Report below.;Next, determine the values of the remaining missing cells in the Sensitivity Report in;Figure 4.23.;Microsoft Excel 15.0 Sensitivity Report;Adjustable Cells;Final Reduced Objective Allowable Allowable;Cell Name Value Cost Coefficient Increase Decrease;$B$3 Quantity S 300;$C$3 Quantity D 400 200 400;Constraints;Final Shadow Constraint Allowable Allowable;Cell Name Value Price R.H. Side Increase Decrease;$D$6 Schas Constr LHS 60 60;$D$7 Dchas Constr LHS 50 20;$D$8 Ddrive Constr LHS 60 

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