Assignment 4: Five Year Trajectory Plan Essay (12 points)

Instruction & Requirements:
Assignment 4: Five Year Trajectory Plan (12 points)

The student will submit a Five Year Personal Trajectory plan moving from the novice advanced practice nurse to successful transition to the professional role in the informatics specialty track.

Assignment Criteria:

Students will develop a narrative scholarly paper that include the following criteria:

1. Provide a personal analysis of your strengths and needs for future development as an informatics nurse specialist.

2. Discuss your professional growth and career opportunities.

3. Identify your talents and strengths in an informatics nurse specialist role.

4. Identify additional knowledge and skills needed as an informatics nurse specialist.

5. Discuss strategies that you can employ to have a successful transition to the role of an informatics nurse specialist.

6. Develop two to three goals for the next two to five years.

7. Discuss actions that can be taken to achieve these goals.

8. Utilize level one and level two heading within the paper.

9. This scholarly paper should be in narrative format and three (3) to four (4) pages excluding the title page and reference page.

10. Include an introductory paragraph, purpose statement, and a conclusion.

11. This is a reflective paper; students may use first person.

12. Utilize references if needed to support.

13. APA format is required (attention to spelling/grammar, a title page, a reference page, and in-text citations).

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