Assignment – Due this Wednesday at 12PM-3 Paragraphs & 1 citation-$8

As a leader in adult education, specific to higher education, it is imperative that you understand the needs of these learners, their prior experiences and knowledge, and recognize how to apply appropriate strategies to help them succeed., review the media scenario titled, “Adult Learning Contexts: Open Courses.” in the  at the Grand City University, Office of Adult Education. Consider the experiences of an adult learner and assume the role of the Director. How would you advise the faculty member? your perspective of what it is like for adult learners to be integrated into a classroom with young learners. As the Director, indicate strategies you would recommend to the faculty member and justify them with the current literature. Describe what types of additional supports you might recommend to help support the students in the class and the faculty member. As appropriate, your discussion comments should be substantiated by the literature, utilizing reference citations and providing a reference list at the end of the discussion post. Please refer to the APA Manual (6th ed.) for appropriate guidelines to support scholarly discourse.

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