Bonus Journal Social Media

This journal will be worth up to 20 points. The title, word count, degree of detail, and overall coherence of the response will determine the number of points awarded. This is an exploratory writing assignment, so you do not have to worry too much about format or editing. There are zero points listed as the worth of the assignment so that any points you do earn will be counted into your grade as extra points rather than as points against a total possible. You must submit this journal by the deadline in order to earn any credit for it. It will not remain open after the deadline and I will not accept any work except through this Canvas assignment.  INSTRUCTIONS: Word Journal: Consider the subject of social media. You may write about the general subject or specify Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you had to describe the whole of social media with one word, or a specific social media outlet with one word, what would that word be? Make that ONE WORD your title. In the text of your response, detail your view with specific examples and/or reasons. 

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