Chemistry Exercise

Chemistry questions. a)Whether the ratio of  to o in each case is reasonably close to that calculated fromthe tabulated equivalent conductivities given above (See Equations (12) and (13)). (b) Whether the graphs of 1/[OH-]o and ln (1+[OH-]o/[OH-]) are sufficiently close tostraight lines. If they deviate by more than a little, what are the possible causes of thedeviations? (c) Whether the two calculated values of the rate constant agree closely enough to justifythe assumption that the order of the reaction is unity in each reagent. (d) Any sources of error present in the procedure or introduced during the performance ofthe exercise. (e) A qualitative comparison of the value of the synthetic κ∞ value for Part 1, with thefinal value of κ measured for the Part 1 solution (which is measured after you havecompleted Part 2, before your cleanup). Using these values, include some commentsdescribing the similarity of these two values – what might this suggest about thelength of time it would take for this reaction to come to completion?

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