Choose a construct set (a theory or part of a theory from the book- In Mixed Company: communicating in small groups and teams.- J. Dan Rothwell. ) relating to behavior patterns of individual members and/or of relational behavior between members that you’ve observed in your group.

In this paper, you need to choose a construct set (a theory or part of a theory from the book- In Mixed Company: communicating in small groups and teams.- J. Dan Rothwell. ) relating to behavior patterns of individual members and/or of relational behavior between members that you’ve observed in your group. Your constructs should have enough depth so that you will have at least 3 or 4 main points of analysis.

Much of what’s in our text is already clearly divided into points for you to use. (For example, “Power resources ” are divided into information, expertise, rewards and punishment, legitimate authority.Then the individual types of each are defined for your analysis base. (descriptions of typical member behavior in each.)

Don’t forget: Your introduction paragraph should include your group name, members’ names, the project goal, and any other pertinent information. This paragraph should end with your thesis & main point preview statement(s).

Notes: group name- blind spot member name: Elizabeth, Miranda, Frshta, Orchid, Rosa, Rubel and yourself.
project goal: to increase the awareness of drunk driving issues and develop better communication skill within a group , how group work together ,,,ect ( try to add anything that is related)

WITHIN each body paragraph, you will need to do the following:

(1) Define each construct using the text (and cite) – those specific details will be the basis for your following analysis. Important elements in this section include typical communication behaviors a group development. Make sure that your construct definitions are thorough and clear.

(2) Show how the construct can be used to explain what has happened in your group by giving examples of member’s verbal and nonverbal communication behavior. (Our text does the same thing with examples in every chapter, if you’d like an idea of what I’m looking for.) These behaviors need to be analyzed through your explanation of HOW they illustrate the construct(s) you have chosen. If you cannot clearly explain how the behaviors and the construct relate, then either you need to choose different behaviors or a different construct. (Or you need to have a better understanding of the material.)

(3) After your analysis, then you should evaluate what you have analyzed. What could/should have been done better/differently? You can address the behaviors of all members (including yourself), or evaluate the actions of a few members, depending upon the situation. If your group has done everything well, tell me WHY they did so. Show an understanding of these constructs/ideas as they occur in the real world.

Your conclusion may just be your last evaluation statements, or some other personal insight about your group, but I don’t need a summary of everything you just analyzed.

*The purpose of these analysis papers is to understand how the theoretical material relates to real-world behavior and how that knowledge can help us improve communication in small groups.

information- Restricted or Scarce –
Orchid is being really helpful for the group, she gave out lots of information and idea to the group. for example, 1. we were talking about the drunk goggles for the event , Rosa said she could ask to borrow it from her work place, but at the end she can not get it as her work place did not have those drunk goggles. After that, Orchid and i quickly came up with new idea, i believe we could give spin our self in circle to create the dizzy illusion, but then orchid said we could make our own drunk goggles by using the nail polish and anything that makes it unclear. then , our group believe Orchid idea is better as my idea is good, but they were scare that the audience would get hurt. 2. our Group was talking about the bucket and the rack for people to play the throwing ball game, Rubel said he could make the rack. However, he turns out buying different thing, and Miranda was not happy about it as this is not what she wished. Miranda is the one to but the bucket, her plan is having something like a kids basketball rack for people to play, and Ruble said he could make one but he turn out to buy something which is not expected. then Rubel respond said the product is a Plan B, i will try to make one later, at the end Rubel did make one and our group is happy about it.

everyone in the term are the expertise, for example, Orchid always come out new ideas to the group, for example, she wants our group to work as a term ,therefore, she makes us the shirt with our group logo on, she always being respectful to the term , listen and support to each other, Moreover, she will give clear direction for the group about what to do or how to do. She also create the instangam page for our group to shown our group work, event picture to the audience.
Miranda on the other hand is sometime being aggressive to the group member, in other words, she want everything to be done and clear. when come to group meeting, she will ask us about the idea of the event, each of the group member will provide some of the idea, however, she will quickly react if some people said sometime or ideas that is not correct/ not related to the group project
Elizabeth- During group discussion, she came up with the fact board idea which to show the information about what is the event of the blind spot, she also show the clear direction about the event. she also ask us to give some fact about it.
Frshta – came up with the idea of Halloween face make up as the event is on Nov 30. She also said she will able to provide the make up and help them to do the make up as needed.
Rubel- he knows how to work with the paper work for the permission , and he also know how to make the rack for the event
I – As i know how to do with the Photoshop , i came up with the idea that to create the poster. i also create the chart room by using my knowledge of teleology.

Rewards and Punishment-
We made a contract in our group which saying we need to be responsible and reply the email or text message as soon as possible. if people get sick and can not meet for a meeting, they have to mention it within 24 hours. People in our group seem really responsible in any meeting, they were open and respectful demeanor towards one. we help and support each other to achieve a common goal. for instance, we all care about our grades in this class, we want to follow all the instruction as possible to get a higher grade , if one person did not follow the rules in a group, we will lower their grade as each of use is grading each member in the group.
For example, Orchid and I were sick, we quickly mention it to the the group that we are not able to meet. Elizabeth on the other hand missed 2-3 meeting , and she mentions it really last min , Our group seems to left out her as she can not follow the updated.
extrinsic reward- grade for this class
intrinsic reward- we enjoy working as a term to receive the goal for the event

Personal qualities- As Orchid always came up good ideas, we will agreed to her. For instance, after we finished the event, we began to think of the group presentation, in order to make this presentation, we have to be creative, so Orchid said she want to do a puzzle theme. then she began to explain why and how this could work. For instance, the puzzle which will show how each group member work together and solve the puzzle piece . we all agreed to her idea as we believed she had her point.
Rubel is the only one guy in the group , he can do or make anything that would help. He is brave enough to get the permission and do all the paper work by himself
I- Although English is my second language, i will try to use my knowledge of the Photoshop skills to help the term to blind the logo and use my brave enough to communicate and talk to the people around school to join our event.
Miranda – is somehow straight, but she just want to make everything correct, she uses her knowledge skills from this class and to advice us with good information
Frshta- is using her makeup skill and the knowledge of creating the event

Legitimate Authority- most of the time, we will obey to each other,especially to Orchid seen she is the creator of this event and she did give lots of useful information.

* feel free to add anything to the behavior of the group members, and it has to related to your constructs.

i will upload the ch 9- Power in Group, i will also upload the sample essay with comments below
comment with the sample essay- next time, shorter definitions and more time spent on describing a range of behaviors of all group members (spread over support for the four main​ points) so that the analysis sections were at least twice as long as the definitions. Then evaluate RIGHT AFTER analysis, so that your evaluation can refer to what you just analyzed without having to repeat it.

remember, this is not doing a rewrite on the sample paper ,but it can help you to think/ add on for the behavior part, you are going to write a new essay. and this is not a research paper, it is an analysis/ observation paper, PLEASE ask if you have any questions

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