Choose a topics dealing with education today. Support that topic with quotes, stays and facts.

Choose a topics dealing with education today. Make sure you can support that topic with quotes, stays, facts, exact hat you go d I. The readings in the text. Choose a side of the argument that you choose. Support and argue for that side. The major arguing is going to come in your personal views for the solution to the problem. Look into the Problem-Solution structure of the writting for helping in organizing. 1. A summary. 2. A minimum of 3 quote sandwiches. 3. The bringing in (purposefully) of the naysayers and refuted their ideas. 4. A minimum of 4 sources from the book . correctly cited sources from our text, in-text and Work A 82nd work cited pages (4 minimum) 5 pages minimum atleast one use of reflective. Writting. A strong thesis statement telling your reader what you will do and the subtopics you have chosen. Rough drafts, editing, revision, peer/ writing center evaluations

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