Choose one of the lenses from the Cultural Eye list and freewrite for a few minutes on how this lens shapes or influences your ability to use language. Consider why you chose this particular lens?

The Writing Notebook is a space for students to explore a variety of thoughts and styles of writing without worrying about correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, or syntax. The idea is for students to critically think about the assigned reading homework and/or writing concepts in preparation for class discussions. Journal prompts will be assigned in class, and students will write for 15 minutes producing a paragraph of 6-8 sentences long. Students will be graded mainly on the content and depth to which they explore for each prompt.

Journal Prompt #1: 9/2/2015 Beliefs About Writing

From the following list, identify the one belief about writing that you agree with most strongly, and one that youre convinced isnt true. Spend a few minutes freewriting in your notebook as to why you agree and disagree with these beliefs.

Journal Prompt #2: 9/4/2015: Cultural Eye and Language

Choose one of the lenses from the Cultural Eye list and freewrite for a few minutes on how this lens shapes or influences your ability to use language. Consider why you chose this particular lens?

Journal Prompt #3 9/9/2015: Taking Inventory and Freewrite

Make a list of significant moments or events in your life involving reading and writing. Part Deux: Choose one moment/event and freewrite on it for 10 minutes. Explore the details for this particular moment/event for you? Consider why it is important or significant in your life. Did you feel empowered by it or perhaps hindered? Why do you think this is so?

Journal Prompt #4 9/11/2015: Expanding on details

Choose one of the sentences on pg. 191 of 21 Genres to expand on with description and details. Write as much as you can in ten minutes. Humor is a bonus. Feel free to change the pronouns.

She was a compulsive housecleaner: code word compulsive
He was a soap opera addict. Define soap opera addict
More than anything, he hated little dogs. Define feelings
It was disgusting to watch him eat. Code word disgusting
It was the hottest day of the year. Define hottest
Journal Prompt #5 9/16/2015: Email the professor

After discussing the email example from 21 Genres, take a few minutes to rewrite the students email including the possible revisions suggested. Consider the audience and purpose of the email. What would be a more appropriate way to address the professor? How could the student be more effective in getting his purpose across with his use of language?

Journal Prompt #6 9/18/2015: Responding to Tannen

What are three points/ideas you found interesting from Tannens reading? Why do you find them particularly poignant or interesting? Does Tannens article influence your perception of how men and women communicate with one another? How so?

Journal Prompt #7 9/21/2015: Identifying Discourse Communities

Make a list of all the different communities that you participate in. Choose one and freewrite about how this particular community exemplifies a discourse community according to John Swales 6 characteristics, or put your information into the Discourse Community chart.

Journal Prompt #8 9/23/2015: Discourse Communities in Conflict

How often does a community you belong to come into contact with other intellectual and discourse groups? What kinds of conversations take place? How are conflicts and disagreements negotiated and resolved? How does each group adjust its discourse to hear the other side and be heard by it? Be specific with examples.

Journal Prompt #9 9/25/2015: Questioning your Interests

Reflect on your list of discourse communities, or an interest/hobby. Freewrite for a few minutes how you can look at it through academic eyes. What sorts of questions can you ask about it that draw bigger implications or make connections with the world at large?

Journal Prompt #10 10/9/2015: Analyzing Life of a Die-Hard (Writing Arguments pg. 123-125)

Answer the questions below for Snarrs Life of a Die-Hard in your writing notebook.

What is the authors motivation to write on topic?
Does this argument join a social, cultural, political etc. conversation? If so, what?
What is the authors purpose?
Who is the intended audience? What assumptions, values, or beliefs would readers have to hold to find the message appealing?
What genre does the argument belong to?
Who is the writer and what do you know about his/her profession, background, and expertise in the subject? How does the authors cultural eye influence the direction of the argument?
Does the authors tone suit the argument? How well does the text suit its particular audience and purpose?
How does author use the Rhetorical Triangle?
Logos: Is there a claim/thesis? Are there reasons and examples to support the claim? Is the given evidence effective?
Ethos: What is authors credibility? Is the author knowledgeable on subject? Does he/she recognize opposing/alternative viewpoints in argument? How is the visual presentation of the argument?
Pathos: How does the author appeal to the audience? Are there descriptive images, stories, narratives, or concrete language to draw out the audiences emotions? If so, how effective are they?
What features help make the argument persuasive? Word choice, sentence length, thesis statement, examples?
What is particularly memorable and striking, or perhaps problematic and disturbing, in the essay?
How would the argument be received by different audiences?
Journal Prompt #11 10/19/2015: Sensory Details

Think of an activity you do with your hands

Make a list of the materials involved with activity
Make a list of verbs or actions involved in activity
Freewrite on a particular memory where you did this activity. Use words from the lists, recall as many details as you can, think of the people you did this activity with? What was particularly striking about it?
Journal Prompt #12 10/21/2015: Experimenting with Tone

Choose one of the four excerpts from the handout and write a paragraph about the holiday, Halloween imitating the tone and style of your chosen author. Does this holiday make you mad? Or, is there a proper way to celebrate the fall weather? A nostalgic memory?

please i need it in one or two or three pages, because I have 12 discoutions, and i need each one with 6 sentences and seperate all these discutions by its title.

thank you.

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