CJA 425.13

Assignment 3: Understanding the Prevalence of Community PolicingAs a backlash, the professional model, which reflects a \”we are the experts and you are not\” attitude, alienated the police from the public. Problems and crime kept growing, and people wanted to be more involved in their communities. Therefore, community members started to work closely with the police. The police saw their resources diminish and decided it was critical to engage the communities to more effectively combat rising crime.Today, the vast majority of law enforcement agencies state that they subscribe to the community policing philosophy. The implementation of the philosophy is varied, but most agencies acknowledge the value of having a positive working relationship within the community.Thus, it is important to understand the history of modern policing to comprehend some possible conclusions as to why agencies began adopting the community policing philosophy.Tasks:Prepare a three to four page report answering the following questions.: Use at least three scholarly sources, with at least one source that is not part of the assigned readings. Include a separate page at the end of the report, in APA format, that links back to your in-text citations and supports your recommendations.Submission Details:

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