Clarify the meaning of the concept or word.

A definition essay asks the writer to clarify the meaning of the concept or word. I chose the work KNOWLEDGE. This does not mean you should provide a dictionary definition. In fact, avoid using any dictionary references or Wikipedia use. Instead, focus on what the word means to you and to others who may have a different interpretation. Give examples, details, and a little bit of research to support your idea of the word. Basically, you need to INTERPRET the word and provide support for it. For research, include a couple short quotes or paraphrases with in-text citations from sources out of our APUS Online Library. If you say that your word means this to you, then can you find an example from research to support it? Look at newspaper and magazine sources, look at academic or scholarly journals, search the online books in our library. Don’t forget that you will also need a works cited at the end of your essay that fully lists your sources. Follow MLA style for in-text citations and the works cited page. Please provide your definition/interpretation of the word without using first person point of view anywhere in your essay- no use of I, me, my, etc. Write using a formal, academic tone, not a personal one. If you have a personal example from your life that you want to include, you’ll have to write it in third person point of view. Example: Instead of “I have seen bravery many times in the military. One time, I was…,” you can change it to “Examples of bravery happen frequently in the military. For example, there have been instances where soldiers…” Have an introduction paragraph, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. Include an effective thesis statement in the introduction. Example: Bravery is fearlessness, courage to know one’s mind, and, in the face of opposition, holding one’s ground. Please see the attachment below for a detailed explanation of this sample example using Bravery. All essays should be in MLA format. Your essay should be between 500-750 words.

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