Class Observation . The Leon M. Goldstein High School.

Instruction & Requirements:
Economic Class

Write this log as an essay, which includes responses to all of the questions. Describe your time in the field and your thoughts and feelings. Be specific and give examples from what you observed.

What learning styles are you observing in the class? Do the lessons and activities require a variety of learning styles? Do they allow for different strengths and weaknesses? Does the teacher seem to encourage a variety of ways of learning?

How capable are students of monitoring their own attention span? How much do they fidget, play, doodle or attend to portable electronics during class? How often does the teacher have to remind students to attend? Is it the whole group or certain students? What does the teacher do?

Can you classify any of the teaching methods into one of the 3 teaching styles we studied in class? Which? Why? If not, what combinations are you seeing?

Did your cooperating teacher use methods that reflect learning theory? Did the teacher use social constructivist theory? Did the class reflect a traditional classroom and/or an open classroom? Explain with specific examples.

Were there assignments that were scaffolded for completion? Were any aspects of cooperative learning used? If not, how would you infuse these methods into a specific lesson that you observed?

Sum up your experience this semester in your field placement. Reflect on the placement itself, and consider such things as:

Did the subject matter interest you or would you have preferred another subject?

Would you have preferred to participate more or less?

How did it feel to be on the other side of the desk, ie: the adult as opposed to being the student?

Did the log assignments and/or readings relate to what you saw in reality?

Would you have preferred more time in the field placement?

Any other reflections?

Anything else you would like to add.

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