Instruction & Requirements:
I have an essay that needs to be submitted tonight. so I put the least deadline you have please don\’t take more than 12 hours. thank you

the instruction of the assignment will be in the attachment. I have also included a board picture that has the idea of the essay and the essay thesis and also 2 main ideas. I will write them all here for the writer too.

essay main ideas:

1. examples of university engineering program class, do any of them has classes focused on communication skills for engineers.

2. there is a lack of opportunities to network or interact through workshops, clubs, events, etc.

3. some schools have it required for engineering students to work in internships for 6 months to one year before they graduate which is a great idea, but still a lot of schools don\’t have this approach implemented.

please make sure you write the attachement carefully and follow the guidlines, and dont use any idea from the internet without supporting and cite it correctly. all main idea used should be the ones I gave you and you can search supportng ideas and cite them.

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