Compare or contrast that claim with any elements in the case (illustrating legal or ethical similarities or differences).

– In the body of your post, compare or contrast that claim with any elements in the  case (illustrating legal or ethical similarities or differences).  Base your posts on the knowledge gained from Chapters 10 and 11 in as much detail as possible, but do not write more than a few clear and concise analytical paragraphs.NOTE: Even though there may be multiple ethical and legal issues in either Case, your response should directly and fully address only ONE claim related to Activity 11.1 and explain the added/deepened value of the comparison with .  Each phrase or sentence should be substantive and additive, meaning that you do not repeat thoughts similar to the ones you already wrote or the same point in different words (e.g., no \”fluff\”).  It is important to base your response on conceptual and case evidence and cite your sources, as our syllabus expects.

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