Compare the coverage of a news item in different ethnic newspapers.

Hi threre for this assingment I need 2 pages for each report, you can pick any 3 of them, and here are the instructues:Three 2-page field experience reports (submit on canvas) are due throughout course.  Each report should integrate at least one idea from our course readings (a different idea each time).  Be specific in referring to the idea and cite the pages where the information can be found in the text(s).  When you refer to the idea in the text, you need to define it (so that I know you know what it means, and then explain why the experience is an example of that.  Each report should be carefully proofread and demonstrate a high level of competence in written communication.  Choose your field experience from the following list and complete them in any order you choose.  You can only do each experience once, so for this course, you will need to complete three different activities. :  Compare the coverage of a news item in  different ethnic newspapers.  What, if anything, is different about the way the story is represented in the different sources? *newspapers can be in any language you can read. :  Interview someone from another culture who is living in the US.  You can ask such questions as:  What surprises did you encounter when you came here?  Do you feel you have adapted?**International Ss – interview someone from a culture other than your own.:  Visit an area of Salt Lake/utah that is a gathering place for people different from your own cultural group.  How do you feels as a “foreigner” there?  Do you speak the language? What differences in communication (verbal and nonverbal) do you observe? What other differences do you notice? :  Watch a foreign film (not made in the US or English-speaking Canada) and describe what you learned about another culture’s communication by watching the film.**International Ss – choose a film from a culture other than the US or your own. :  Read a piece of fiction from another culture.  What does it teach you about that cultures’ communication? :  Find someone on line from another culture and communicate with them via e-mail at least five times.  Can you tell the person is from another culture from their on-line communications? How?  (Please save each e-mail message and include a printed copy in your analysis.) *Be Responsible.  

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