Conduct a literature review of the cultural theories and global management concepts discussed in this course and relate them to the concept of CSR.

For this assignment, you will conduct a literature review of the cultural theories and global management concepts discussed in this course and relate them to the concept of CSR. To complete this assignment, you will read four peer-reviewed articles (listed below) and choose at least three additional articles from the Argosy University online library. You will analyze and synthesize the materials to compose a 6–7-page paper of your analysis.


This literature review will be the basis of your LASA assignment during Week 7. Before you begin, review the directions of LASA assignment to familiarize yourself with its requirements.


The purpose of this literature review is for you to practice:


Critically reading and understanding academic and scholarly articles and how to tie the concepts together

Synthesizing the various concepts and results of the review

Writing a collective analysis of the articles that will help you address the topic of the final assignment



Access the following articles in the DocSharing section of this course. Read the articles to analyze the major claims of these cultural theoretical approaches:

Edward Hall

Adair, W. L., & Brett, J. M. (2005). The negotiation dance: Time, culture, and behavioral sequences in negotiation. Organization Science, 16(1), 33–51. (ProQuest Document ID: 213832617) Retrieved from


Geert Hostede

de Mooij, M., & Hofstede, G. (2010). The Hofstede model: Applications to global branding and advertising strategy and research. International Journal of Advertising, 29(1), 85–110. (ProQuest Document ID: 231107811) Retrieved from


Shalom H. Schwartz

Schwartz, S. J., Zamboanga, B. L., Rodriguez, L., & Wang, S. C. (2007). The structure of cultural identity in an ethnically diverse sample of emerging adults. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 29(2), 159–173. doi: 10.1080/01973530701332229

The Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness (GLOBE) Research Program

Javidan, M., Dorfman, P. W., Sully de Luque, M., & House, R. J. (2006). In the eye of the beholder: Cross-cultural lessons in leadership from project GLOBE. Academy of Management Perspectives, 20(1), 67–90. (ProQuest Document ID: 210508688) Retrieved from


Then, choose a minimum of three (3) additional articles from the Argosy University online library database. Your selected articles should discuss some aspects of the cultural theoretical approaches discussed in the course, as they relate to the concept of CSR in a global world. Address implementation of CSR principles within the organization and the external factors that determine the context of CSR policies. Ensure that your selected articles reflect a blend of research that has contributed to the generation of applicable theories as well as a critique and affirmation of the specific theories.

Develop an introduction on the background of each cultural theory, the concept of CSR, and the purpose of the literature review.

Analyze all articles and describe the key themes that emerge across the seven selected articles.

Synthesize the material and summarize the patterns of similarities and differences regarding how each of the authors has presented each theme.

Based on your analysis of the literature, conclude by evaluating the impact of each cultural model on the application of the CSR in current global business operations. Refer to the internal and external factors that determine the successful implementation of CSR policies.

Remember, a literature review is not simply a summary of the articles, but is a synthesis of the many ideas and concepts presented in the various articles.


Write a literature review in a 6–7-page Word document in APA format. Utilize at least seven (7) scholarly sources.


Make sure you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


Additional Resources


You will need the following resources to complete the Literature Review:


How to Organize Your Paper

Use this guide for help with structuring the content of your paper in a cohesive manner.

APA Guidelines

Refer to this resource for help with APA Style regarding in-text citations, reference entries, and paper formatting.

How to Write the Review of Literature

Apply the concepts in this document when writing your review of the literature.

Apply APA standards to the citation of sources

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