Consider the similarities and differences between the two careers you are investigating.

 Whenever you hear the term “compare and contrast,” you may think “similarities and differences” in the two things you are being asked to examine. For this paper, consider the similarities and differences between the two careers you are investigating. However, the focus of the paper should be on what you want out of a career and look at the similarities and differences in the two careers through this lens. By the end of the paper, you must make a strong case for which path you find more appealing through your contemplation and research on the topic. Your introduction should outline the two different career paths you are going to discuss culminating in a thesis statement that indicates which path you plan on pursuing. The body of your paper should compare and contrast the two careers and the conclusion make a clear argument for which path you have decided is most appealing. Research component of the paper: You will be asked to use 4 outside sources for this paper: • One of your sources must be the STARS transfer guide. You must copy and paste the first page of your stars guide and submit it with your paper. Although we will go over it in class, I will post a power point that will help you to access STARS if you do not know how. This power point will also contain help with accessing the library’s career resources. • You may not use Wikipedia or any online encyclopedia besides Encyclopedia Britannica or Microsoft Encarta, both of which can be found in the JDCC library databases. In this paper you must use standard MLA formatting for in-text citations and your Works Cited page. We will read the chapters in your book that cover MLA documentation requirements. Please Note: Your Works Cited page does not count toward your word count. your paper is not going to end up being a laundry list of similarities and differences between the two careers. Rather, You need to decide what criteria for a career are important to you, clearly define these criteria, and look at the similarities and differences in your two careers through the lens (criteria) you choose.


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