Construct a dramatic dialogue—think Sartres’ huit clos, or Beckett and Ianesco’s Théâtre de l’Absurde, or perhaps, a clever sitcom.

In an eight-page (2400 word) essay an adequate understanding of our course readings, and perhaps especially, of the ideas underscored in this summarizing document is assumed. Your objective is to construct a dramatic dialogue—think Sartres’ huit clos, or Beckett and Ianesco’s Théâtre de l’Absurde, or perhaps, a clever sitcom—in which Descartes, Spinoza, and Leibniz (or contemporary adherents of these three systems) encounter one another in a lonely (or public) setting and discuss the first and last things—that is, any of the topics discussed in our readings or highlight above. You are encouraged to use your creative imagination in establishing a dramatic setting for your dialogue and in allowing these writers rather freely to explore the implications of their views. You are also encouraged to include a shadowy, fourth discussant who appears to possess an uncanny sort of knowledge, the scope of which extends far beyond that of these three pedestrian ruminators—a discussant who might represent…you. In your dialogue-script, it is not necessary to give equal stage (or camera) time to each discussant, but you should provide as complete a picture of the issues discussed as possible, and considerable portions of the thought of at least two of the discussants should be presented and critically examined. When assessing your essays I look for (1) understanding of the concepts as informed by thorough analysis of the relevant readings (25%); (2) clear, logical analysis of different arguments in a well-crafted dialogue form (25%); (3) creativity in the construction of dramatic setting and of characters’ speech and behavior (20%); elegant, readable style, correct grammar, and absence of typos (20%); and (5) correct MLA citation (10%) (reading 80 pages is required and I will send you them)

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