Create a presentation of approximately 12-15 slides that explores the novel of 41543: Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart , its author, and its place in literary history.

For this project, you will read one of the novels from the following list and create a presentation of approximately 12-15 slides that explores the novel, its author, and its place in literary history. This project will combine synopsis, historical context, and original analysis. You may use PowerPoint or other presentation software, such as Prezi or Keynote, to create your project. Requirements: Give a brief biography of the author (include the most interesting and pertinent details — omit the ones that do not directly illuminate the author’s life). Identify the school of literature (e.g. romantic, mystery, comedy, etc.) or type of novel as it is generally classified. Identify individual characteristics of the author’s style and include examples from the novel that illustrate this style. Provide a brief but informative synopsis of the work as a whole; this will prepare your audience for your analysis. Choose one section or chapter of the novel to analyze in depth (whatever elements are appropriate to the genre). Remember, to analyze is not to summarize. Analysis examines the individual elements of a subject, explaining how they function individually and as a whole. Summarize the critical legacy of the novel, including its critical reception upon release and how the novel is viewed today. Include quotations from actual criticism, identifying the critics and citing the sources in MLA style. Use MLA style throughout, and include a Works Cited page of your resources. Make recommendations of other sources dealing with this author and his or her work (including a website or two if found).

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