Create pestl analysis focusing in Australia specifically in Western Australia.

Project description
– create pestl analysis focusing in Australia specifically in Western Australia
– create SWOT analysis focusing in Western Australia
– PLC Model applied to foodtruck business
– Porter’s 5 forces applied to food truck business

The business name is Fusion Roll (focusing in spring roll targeting to healthy consumers) — This business is not real, it’s just a made up one

Please use academic resources and IBIS World resources

Added on 31.10.2015 14:39
Here\”s it the example of Pestl analysis and in MM Project analysis folder is the one that you have to start doing it and cover the whole thing in the folder.
Added on 31.10.2015 14:43
– in each sections it needs to cover 3 things such as economic: global financial crisis, etc, etc
– Just follow the whole structure in MM project analysis folder – basically start to write from there.

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