Criminal Justice Articles

You are to find 3-4 events that involve policing and the criminal justice system in some way. You can choose a story that deals with the current events dealing with the criminal justice system.  There will be a set of questions to answer about each event; you will need to answer them completely for each story AND include either a copy of the story or the link to it, if it is an online story. The grade will be based on how well  the answers  link back to the CJ system. The paper has to be 3 pages.      MUST PROVIDE LINK OR LINKS TO ANY ARTICLE CHOOSEN FOR ASSIGNMENT IN ORDER FOR PROFESSOR TO BE ABLE TO VERIFY THE ARTICLE IS LEGIT. I\’M ONLY PAYING $30 TOTAL FOR THE WHOLE ASSIGNMENT AND NO MORE THAN THAT. DUE DATE IS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2016 AT 6PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. ANYTHING PROVIDED AFTER THAT TIME WILL NOT BE PURCHASED.

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