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Writing Dissertation on Fashion and culture

Fashion and culture have maintained a significant and effective link for long. Fashion is the basic tool to express culture and its various tendencies. Generally the speed of fashion change in the society is much faster than the speed of the chameleon to change its color.

The correlation between Fashion and culture has captured a position in the cotemporary world as the most beautiful component which adds to the prosperity of a country. This is the reason that the fashion and culture dissertation has also become important, which demonstrates a clear focus on the specialized research issues which fall in the range of the topic. This demands creation of a dissertation, which is not only excellent on theoretical side but also supported by the ground realities and sound points about the fashion.

Review the following to assess the benefits of culture and fashion.

  • An evaluation of the fashions associated with 1980s pop trends: Naomi Campbell was known as a fashion icon.
  • Influence of movies and celebrities related to fashion, on the young generation
  • An evaluation of Branding, brand image and brand character on fashion
  • Study on reflection of fashion about the personality of an individual; and what level of self confidence is associated with fashion.
  • Evaluation of the cultural trends initiated by Michael Jackson in the world of fashion
  • Study on minimizing the gap between rural and urban cultures for last hundred years
  • Role of Women in the modern fashion trends
  • Fashion as an expressive art and enhancement of individual associations with garments.
  • Visualization of culture and designing in the modern society and discovering the idea about fashion, class, authoritativeness, and aspirations.
  • Case study on the impact of fashion journalism and fashion articles

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