Cystic fibrosis

1.    Include a title page with your name, course, date, and complete title (4-9 words).2.    Include a reference page with at least three reference sources.  References should be from a previously published source and have a date more recent than 2010.  is a good search engine to use but other search engines can also be used.   cannot be used as a reference.  3.     Include information regarding symptoms, treatment, method of transmission (inheritance), cause (which chromosome and what type of mutation), and current research.4.    Be written using MLA or APA format.  5.    Be a minimum of 3 pages in length, not counting title page and reference page.6.    Important – Paper that is plagiarized or not referenced correctly will receive no credit.    Be sure to use in text citations for direct quotes, definitions, facts and numerical information.

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