Define nonverbal communication and each of its various forms.

Using the 4 Chapters powerpoint i will be attaching, answer all the questions. I will be providing the powerpoints for chapter 1-4, which then you use that information to answer all the questions provided under:   Define personal selling? What is customer value? How do customers define value of the salesperson? How does transaction-focused traditional selling differ from trust-based relationship selling? What is sales dialogue and its importance? Explain the contributions of personal selling to society, business firms and customers? How has sales professionalism been a key driver in the evolution of personal selling? What is the expected sales force response to the evolution of personal selling? Discuss the 5 alternative approaches to personal selling? How is the sales process defined?  What are the steps in the sales process? Explain what trust is and its importance? How can trust be earned in personal selling? (i.e. what factors contribute to earning trust) What are the key differences between traditional sales tactics and trust-based sales tactics? How do buyers define trust? List and describe each knowledge base that helps build trust? Explain what ethics is and its importance. What are the three areas of unethical behavior?  What are the primary categories of types of buyers?  What are the distinguishing characteristics of business markets? List and explain the different steps in the business-to-business buying process? List and explain the different types of buyer needs? What strategies can be used to increase the chances that the buyer will evaluate your offer as most favorable?  List and explain the types of purchasing decisions? What is the concept of a buying team?  List and explain the different roles of a buying team. What is trust-based sales communication?  Why is it important that sales communication be a collaborative process? What are the primary types of questions applied in selling? How are they applied? Provide examples of each type of question.What is/are the objective(s) of strategic questioning? What is the purpose of the SPIN Questioning system? List and describe the types of questions in SPIN. Identify and describe the five steps of the ADAPT questioning system. List, describe and understand the components of the SIER hierarchy of active listening. List, describe and understand the components of effective listening. What is the impact of grammar and logical sequencing?  Define nonverbal communication and each of its various forms.                              

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