Describe pseudocode in your own words.

Week 1

PRG 218   Understanding the Basics

Write a 70- to 100-word response to the following:

Supporting Activity: Pseudocode

1   Describe pseudocode in your own words. How may the use of pseudocode help you learn logical programming?

Supporting Activity: IDE

2   What are the fundamental components of using the integrated development environment (IDE)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the IDE tool?


3 What is the relationship between a document and a view?


4 What is the purpose of the document template in an MFC Windows program?


5 Why do you need to be careful, and plan your program structure in advance, when using the Application Wizard?

6  Code up the simple text editor program. Build both debug and release versions, and examine the types and sizes of the fi les produced in each case.

7 Generate the text editor application several times, trying diff erent project styles from the Application Type in Application Wizard.



Write pseudocode for the following scenario:


You are driving a car coming to an intersection that has a stop sign. You will make a right turn at the intersection.

Determine the logical steps involved and write the pseudocode.

Answer the following questions when completing your assignment:

  • What are your inputs?
  • What is your expected output?
  • What are the logical steps the automobile takes to complete the turn?

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