Describe Racial and Gender Equality

Instruction & Requirements:
Jefferson wrote that all men are created equal in the Declaration of Independence. Students often struggle to understand how we are equal. What Jefferson did not mean was that we are all equal in kind. For example, we are not promised economic equality, or athletic equality, or academic equality. What Jefferson meant is that ideally, we are each equal before the law. This is why the statue of Lady Justice is often blindfolded.

This leads us to ask, how do we define freedom? One definition is, We each have the right, as protected by government, to compete for the opportunities which we are qualified to pursue.

For example, I may desperately want to run the final leg of the Womens Olympic relay dash. However, I am not qualified to compete for numerous reasons including the fact that I am not a woman, I am a slow runner, I am not in adequate shape, and I am middle-aged. In other words, I am not qualified for this opportunity. My rights have not been violated if I am denied this opportunity.

Please note the highlight of the term, compete. There is no promise of an outcome. For example, no one promises happiness; however, the right to the pursuit of happiness is found in the Declaration of Independence.

An inevitable by-product of competition is a failure. Failure is unbiased feedback that we need to work harder. When you fail at something and then decide to work harder in order to achieve a goal that is your personal achievement. It is a victory which no one can ever take away from you.

Required Reading:

Women and Leadership

10 Findings about Women in the Workplace

In the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson wrote, all men are created equal. Throughout American history we have struggled to live up to this high ideal. But throughout our history, Americans have persistently chosen to pursue the goal of equality including racial, gender and religious equality. Should Americans continue to pursue equality for all members of its society?

To answer the assignment question, write a persuasive essay that is between 500 650 words in length. Begin your essay with a thesis statement. Double space your essay and use a font size 12 Times New Roman. Include a bibliography in your work to cite the assigned readings used in the assignment. Use and cite at least three assigned reading articles from the current week. Also, include the names of all the group members on your essay.

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