Describe the formal qualities of each work of art you have selected.

Form and Content Writing Assignment Guidelines Select two works of art in the textbook from chapters 9-21 that have formal qualities you find interesting. Describe the formal qualities of each work of art, and explain how these formal qualities are related to the content, or meaning of each work. Include the title of each work, the artist who created it, and the page number on which it appears in the textbook. Your essay should be at least 750 words (excluding references). Assessment criteria In assessing your writing assignment, we will be looking for evidence that you understand and are able to apply the central concepts that are covered in this lesson. The criteria we will use to grade your assignment are: v? You thoroughly discuss two works of art. Select only two works of art. Two examples, thoroughly analyzed, will better demonstrate an understanding of the concepts covered in the assignment than a larger number of examples that are superficially discussed. v? You discuss works from chapters 9-21. Do not select works from chapters 1-8 in the textbook. We are looking for evidence that you understand the concepts in this lesson well enough to apply them to new examples. v? Your essay focuses on formal aspects of each work you select. Describe the way each selected work exhibits three or more of the elements and principles that are listed in the text and commentaries—space, linear perspective, atmospheric perspective, value, color, line, texture, pattern, time and motion, balance, emphasis, scale, proportion, rhythm, unity, variety, etc. v? You explain how each work’s formal aspects are related to its meaning. Do not omit this part of the assignment. In addition to fully describing each works’ formal qualities, be sure to explain how these qualities support the works’ meaning. v? You compare and contrast the formal qualities of the selected works. To compare means to analyze the way the works’ formal qualities are similar. To contrast means to analyze the way their formal qualities are different. Comparing and contrasting are easiest if you select works of art with this in mind. For example, you might select works that focus on the use of line, but establish different tones by the way the line is rendered. v? You use at least six of the vocabulary that was introduced in this lesson. . You do not have to use every word that appears in bold type in the text/commentary, but use at least six of the words to demonstrate that you understand what they mean and make them bold within the text. You could lose points if you do not bold the vocabulary. v? You include a citation for each work of art you select. Please use MLA style. Include citations within the text of the essay as well as in a references page. You should also include at least one source that is outside your textbook in your research. Please see the Purdue OWL Handout found on Angel under the Academic Integrity Folder for information on how to go about doing this properly. v? Your essay is at least 750 words and has been checked for spelling and grammar errors. An essay less than 750 words is unlikely to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts in this lesson.

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