describe The Influence of Democratic Leadership on Employee Performance

Instruction & Requirements:

Attached you will find (the 1st chapter I wrote for my dissertation + two papers of the literature map I have created based on my diessertation\’s topic. The paper focuses on the impact of democratic leadership on employee performance so my literature review is based off of that component. It\’s a straight forward outline. In addition, I have shared with you a very detailed of all the references I thought are appropriate for the literature review. This is what you will be working with as I have indicated what would be useful in the literature review. You can change the literature map according to the text you choose to review. FYI, I created the literature map to guide you when u write this chapter so you can choose one of the attached outlines or you can combine or create a literature map that you think it will be appropriate for my topic. Use very easy vocabularies and thoughts while writing this chapter please. Note: the total pages of this chapter is 40-page minimum. Now, you will write the first 20-page and after that I have to send it to my chairperson for feedback then we will continue writing the whole chapter.


Hello there, Attached is the paper has my comments that I want you to fix please. Replace any word that has highlighted please. Thank you

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