Describe the role of planning in Early Childhood Programs is essential.

This Assignment has three parts. The first is to create an activity plan. The second is to describe the standards that will be used for the activity. The final part of your Assignment is to research various early childhood topics and share your findings. Your Assignment should be 4–5 pages, not including the cover and reference pages.Part 1The role of planning in Early Childhood Programs is essential. There are many goals that teachers need to accomplish in order to create effective learning environments. You are going to you create your learning centers, These centers will include a specific lesson, objectives, and standards that each lesson corresponds with. The activity plan will be used to display these two learning centers. Following the completion of this activity plan, you will identify goals that you needed to accomplish. An example of an activity plan is in DocSharing. You can use this example, or create your own.Part 2Consult the early childhood standards for your state. Using the above learning centers, describe what standards you would use and why. Reflect on how following these standards contribute to high quality early childhood programming. If you were writing the standards for this developmental area, consider what you might add or leave out.Part 3Engaging in a search using the words: , history and present , , early childhood theories and/or , etc., will lead you to numerous useful articles. As with all research, it is important to consider the quality of the sites you investigate. For some assurance that the information presented is accurate, search the Kaplan Library,, and links for government or respected professional education organizations (for example, NAEYC Position Statements or the ASCD website (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development). Since this paper is evaluating your research strategies be sure to explain with details your research methods and evaluation of your findings.Your Assignment should include:

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