Describe what Nomological Determinism is.

I\’m speaking on Determinisn and why there is no such thing as free will. Topic5. One of the most fundamental debates in the study of metaphysics pertains to the notion of “free will” and whether human beings exercise it. There are those philosophers who embrace what is often referred to as Nomological Determinism, which maintains that all events in the universe occur in virtue of some necessity and are therefore inevitable–consequently providing challenge to the idea that the past choices of seemingly rational agents like ourselves could have unfolded differently or that their future decisions are predetermined by their past circumstances governed by the natural conditions of the universe– whereas there are other philosophers, however, who reject the notion of the world in which there is no room for free choice and argue that Nomological Determinism must be rejected in favor of a metaphysical theory that could be inclusive of human freedom without dispensing with natural causality. Hence, please clearly explain: 1) what Nomological Determinism is; 2) the strongest arguments that underlie this theory; and 3) the counterarguments that challenge the veracity of this theory and whether its criticisms necessitate its abandonment. ***(Please note that this topic does not refer to political freedom. Don\’t make the mistake of asserting that free will exists because the Constitution of the United States guarantees it. The question is not about political freedom; it is about the metaphysical nature of freedom.) I need 7-8. I have completed the Introduction, all I need now is the body, conclusion and 5 citations in MLA Format.

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