Describe why each country seem like a good place to do business?

Instruction & Requirements:
******Ensure that your response addresses fully the prompt and it includes at least three in-text citations and references in APA format to support your answer. Spread out your posts so you post on three separate days. These are the requirements you need to meet if you wish to earn full credit. ***************

^^^This week\’s Assignment

You can gain valuable insights into international business by examining how countries compare to each other. Various research groups and international agencies systematically examine economic, political, and other features of nations.

To Do:

Visit globalEDGE Knowledge Tools, scroll down and click on Interactive Rankings. Then select Countries. You will find dozens of criteria ranking countries based on: GDP per capita; Education – literacy rate; People population total; People population density; Health mortality rate; Energy electricity production; Infrastructure mobile cellular subscriptions; Infrastructure roads total network; Trade and Investment foreign direct investment net inflows; and many other factors.

Choose the ranking criteria that interest you most.

Then, examine the following three countries: the USA and two countries whose names begin with the same letter as your last name.

If there are no countries, select two that begin with the next letter of the alphabet.

Note their ranking.

Based on your analysis, explain why they rank where they do.

Do their relative positions make sense to you? Does each country seem like a good place to do business? Why or why not?

Hint: Evaluate countries on a per capita basis by dividing each criterion by the countrys population.^^^

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