Develop a sound main argument in your first paragraph that revolves around a single point you wish to make about the writing Develop your body paragraphs around argument,

Instruction & Requirements:

Here is the link of the short story that needs to be included in essay:

In a full 5 page (top to bottom) (minimum) essay, discuss how a single formal New Critical element (NOT a survey of several of them) you have discovered at work in the text eventually helps to resolve the core meaning you identify from the end of the story. To do this work, you will need to have researched and read a short story that you like. It should have an ending you understand and that you believe somehow distills the essence of the story.

Submit a 5 full page (minimum) version of your New Criticism Essay as a separate document attachment. Make sure you\’ve read the New Criticism Essay Assignment Description from earlier in the unit to make sure you\’re following all of the assignment guidelines before you submit your rough draft work here. Although I\’m looking for strong writing work, remember that this version is only a draft: it will likely change and improve as you continue working and revising the essay between now and the final deadline – that\’s fine, and expected as part of the continual revision process any writer goes through as s/he works to refine the work. My only expectation here is that you are working on something that addresses the needs of the assignment in a credible way at this point – that\’s it. Paragraphs may be unformed, ideas may not be fully developed or supported yet, that\’s all just fine. As long as you\’re working toward the assignment goals now, I\’m happy.

Your draft must be a FULL 5 pages (double-spaced text top to bottom of each page) of 12 pt double spaced text in order to receive any credit (I do not give partial credit for partial work). This draft assignment is designed to ensure that you complete your essay well ahead of the final due date so as to leave enough time for you to effectively revise and proofread your own work, as I need to see strong, sophisticated, error-free writing from all of you in your final versions.

Submission Guidelines Use academic language: Write only in the present tense, even when speaking of a text that has been written in the past: write the author says, NOT the author said Use academic language: Write only in the 3rd person (use: he, she, it, they, the authors, the reader, etc.). DO NOT use me, I, you, or your anywhere in your essay submissions that do not follow this rule will be returned ungraded and marked down a full letter grade Use lots of textual evidence to support your discussion body paragraphs that do not offer direct or paraphrased textual support will not be credited toward your required essay page total Cite your textual references with a page number in parentheses after the quotation. Use the Source IntegrationPreview the documentView in a new window sheet to help you do that correctly. You must have at least ONE parenthetically cited textual reference, either a direct quote or a paraphrase, in every body paragraph after your introduction. Fully introduce and describe the work youre analyzing before you begin your analysis Be specific in your argumentation: Develop a sound main argument in your first paragraph that revolves around a single point you wish to make about the writing Develop your body paragraphs around argument, NOT summary. Lay out a subjective position about how and how well the writing works at the top of your paragraph, then introduce and insert direct, page cited textual evidence to support and illustrate your position, then explain your position by developing your critique further in the last third of your paragraph before transitioning us to the next phase of your discussion in succeeding paragraphs. Follow that rhetorical model in all of your body paragraph work. Analyze, don\’t summarize.

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