Did creating the foreign key constraint between tbl Students and tbl Major work?

⦁    Go to the Database Tools -> Relationships control. Add all of the tables in the database in preparation for creating the database constraints.⦁    Attempt to create a foreign key constraint between tbl Students and tbl Major.  Your join condition should resemble the following: ⦁    Did creating the foreign key constraint between tbl Students and tbl Major work?⦁    Attempt to create foreign key constraints between tbl Students and tbl ClassYear. Did it work? If not, correct the data in the database tables to allow for the foreign key (referential integrity) constraint and try again.⦁    Create a form for the table tb lClassYear and save it as frm ClassYear. Open the form and view the data in the table tbl ClassYear that you changed in step 4.  This is how you would normally change data in a table (not going directly to the table as you had to do in step 4).⦁    Create a custom form for viewing and updating student information and name it frm Student Info, using the video , and the image file⦁    Now create a Navigation form by going to the Create -> Navigation menu and selecting “Horizontal Tabs” (See below ⦁    Add the 2 forms you created in the previous steps to the tabs in the navigation form.

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