Disc 8

First, consider the following case study background:Then consider these informal definitions so that we know we are talking about the same thing:Now answer the following questions:
a)    What type of organizational culture might inhibit whistle blowing?  Why?
b)    What should a project manager do to encourage his project teams willingness to report project problems?
c)    How can a project manager effectively report project problems to the sponsor, stakeholders, and senior management?  What techniques might the PM use?If you have  worked for an organization that had internal auditors, Inspectors General (IGs), or other internal inspectors then skip to Part E, below.  If you  worked for such an organization, then answer Part D: 
d)    If you  worked for an organization that had internal auditors, IGs, or inspectors, were they effective?  Were they welcome?  What, in your experience, was done well and what was done poorly with such internal auditors and inspectors?e)    If you have  worked for an organization that had internal auditors, inspectors, or IGs, do you think it would be beneficial, detrimental, or problematic?  Why?

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