Discuss a factor that supports or hinders sellf-actualization.

NO PlagUse recognized articles where necessary Conduct library research to find two research studies that discuss a factor that supports or hinders self-actualization. The studies could range widely from workplace empowerment to parenting styles. You may select a positive factor or a negative factor. That is, you can discuss a key factor or factors that support the pursuit or you can discuss a key factor or factors that researchers recognize as current obstacles to this pursuit. For example, a hindering factor might be the scarcity of food in some cultures.For each paper and each of the two required factors:For each of the two principles, theories, or laws:Write about the foundations of an empowering society or culture. Bring your findings from Parts 1 and 2 together to help create your new society and culture. Discuss how the two factors and the underlying principles, theories, or laws serve as the foundations for creating this new society where each person is empowered to strive toward self-actualization.In this project, you discuss factors and principles, theories, or laws that describe what is needed to empower individuals within a society. You also provide a glimpse of this society by detailing many of the aspects of this society that need to be in place to foster empowerment.Keep in mind that this is a  society; it does not necessarily exist in the modern world at this time. You are creating a society with certain factors in place to empower its population.For this imaginary,  society, address the following:

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