Discuss a song or album, an art exhibition, a dance performance.

Instruction & Requirements:
Essay #2: Review Paper

Write a review of one of the following: a song or album, an art exhibition, a dance performance. The review should be three pages long, typed, double-spaced. Whatever you choose, it should be relatively new, released within the past six months or, if an art exhibition, up now. If you can include a link to the music or art or performance thats great and fun for the rest of us, but not at all necessary. Please DO NOT write a review of a book, TV show, play, or movie. The assignment is to write a review of music, art, or dance.

An effective review does at least three thingsit describes its subject to the reader so the reader can imagine it; it explains the significance of its subject, placing in it in some larger context; and it persuasively evaluates its subject, presenting the reviewers own opinion. So, the review needs to combine effective description, effective analysis and effective argument. As you think about how to write your review, you are free to look at (and even mention in your review) other reviews of the same or similar subjects (cite these reviews properly, of course).

To get you thinking about the review as a genre, I\’ve put a link on the \”readings\” page to a collection of reviews of albums and performances by the great rock critic Greil Marcus. Please just pick one of his reviews to read (though feel free to read more if you like!)–you can choose a review of a band you already know and like, or one you\’re curious about, or just pick randomly. Pay attention to the kinds of descriptive words he uses, the ways he puts the music he\’s describing in larger contexts (making connections), the way he gives his language energy. You might also browse through reviews in the Washington Post, New York Times or other newspapers or magazines to get a feel for the conventions of the genre and to think about what works, and what doesn\’t work, in the reviews you read.

You may choose to write the review from one of two points of view:

1) Write as an insidersomeone who knows a great deal about the genre or type of music, art, or dance you are discussing. (That is, choose something you know about and care abouta new album by your favorite band, say, or by a new group in a genre of music you appreciate). If you write as an insider, you will want to compare the music, art or dance you are discussing to other similar works or performances; you will want to put the work or performance you are discussing into context for the reader. (You will also have to decide on your intended audience: is this review for people who are also fans or well-versed on whatever you are discussing, or is it for people less familiar with whatever you are discussing?)

2) Write as an outsiderchoose something you are curious about but that you know very little about it and that feels difficult or strange to you (maybe a kind of music youve never listened to, or a modern dance performance if youve never been to one). You will not be expected to put the work in context for us the way an insider would; instead, use your fresh, unjaded, open perspective as the source of your authority. But do try to make sense of the performance or music for yourself and for us.

The advantage of option 1 is that you get to write about something you are already knowledgeable about, maybe even something you love. The advantage of option 2 is that you get to try something new.

Please make sure you give proper bibliographic citation for any information you get from websites or other sources for your review. See the \”citation styles\” page in the sidebar for directions. Use proper bibliographic citation for any information you get from websites or other sources for your review.

You can pick either option 1 or 2, which ever one you think will be a better paper. I need an A on this. Thank you so much!

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