Discuss Hiring Process Flow Chart and Summary

Instruction & Requirements:
Flow chart a company\’s hiring process from the moment a vacancy is identified to when a job offer is accepted. Include all of the steps in the process. Your flow chart can be based on the hiring practices of your current employer, a past employer, one with which you are familiar, or a fictitious company. Create your flow chart in a Word document using graphics, images, and/or narrative. As an alternative, you may create your flow chart in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, an html document, or you may use any other software application with which you are familiar and proficient. Your flow chart may be as simple as a bulleted list or as dynamic as a flash-created simulation. The critical component of this Assignment is that each of the elements of the hiring process is included and is in the appropriate order.

In a short paper, summarize the strengths and weaknesses of this process, what recommendations you have for improvement and why you believe your recommendations would work.

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