Discuss ‘Muddiest Point’

‘Muddiest Point’: This question should highlight the “muddiest point” from the readings – the thing that confused you the most and that you’d like to discuss in class. This response should be in paragraph form, referencing both the page number from the reading and what leaves you perplexed, baffled, and be-wildered. (5 pts.) PRT Story: You are also invited to post one story about how a specific concept in the text applies to parks, recreation, and tourism. This is an opportunity to make a connection with the course material in a creative way. Think of PRT experiences you have had that relate to what the authors discuss in the readings, and share connections and insights from your own personal experience. This response should be a minimum of one paragraph and reference page number(s) and concept(s) from the readings. (5 pts.)be sure the PRT story is own expericences. and my charactor is an international student, chinese girl 21, study in US Utah Salt lake city, never had a job, about the second question you can write a experience, just follow my characotr.answer shortly, make sure answer each question in 5-10 senrences. this are 2 assignments, each assignment 2 questions as above.the first one is Boleman and Deal (Page341-372)Muddiest Point and Muddiest Point the second one is Arnold et al.Muddiest Point and Muddiest Point follow all requirements thank you.

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