Discuss possible causes of abnormal behavior.

Each of your answers should be at least two to three comprehensive paragraphs in length and completely address the question for full credit (don’t worry about double spacing). Use your text for the exam but please do not copy sentences straight from the book, rather, put information into your own words. Copying directly from the text will result in a lower grade. You do not need to cite where your information is coming from as I expect you to use your textbook to answer exam questions. Do not use other sources to answer exam questions, this is meant to be an exam based directly on the text. You have unlimited access to the exam, which means you can enter and exit the exam as much as needed. Also, this exam is not timed. Question three asks for a case example, this means I want you to generate a fictional account of someone who meets criteria for PTSD. Include in your answer what led to the diagnosis and how the symptoms are being experienced by your fictional person. Here is questions. 1. Please discuss possible causes of abnormal behavior. 2. Create a case formulation/example for an individual who has PTSD. 3. Discuss and describe classic Freudian theory as well as Post-Freudian psychodynamic views. 4. Describe and differentiate between the following disorders: schizoaffective disorder, schizophreniform disorder, and schizophrenia. 5. Please discuss depressive and bipolar disorders using a biopsychosocial perspective. 6. How would you describe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder to someone just learning about it in order to make sure they had a comprehensive understanding of the disorder? 7. What is the difference between delirium and dementia?


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