Discuss the efficacy of a specific treatment/intervention used to treat individuals with autism.

Instruction & Requirements:
Each student is required to write a 7 to 9 page double spaced paper discussing the efficacy of a specific treatment/intervention used to treat individuals with autism. You may choose any treatment used with individuals with autism, whether it is evidence based or not. The paper should provide a brief overview of the treatment/intervention, discuss research demonstrating the efficacy and/or lack of efficacy for the treatment/intervention, conclusions regarding the efficacy of the treatment/intervention, and your recommendation on the utility of the treatment/intervention when used with individuals with autism. Limitations to the research and future research considerations should also be addressed. The font must be Times New Roman and no bigger and no smaller than size 12. Margins (top, bottom, right, left) are to be no more and no less than 1 inch. The title/name page and references do not count toward the 7 9 pages. Each student must cite at least 6 different articles from professional referred journals related to the specific treatment being discussed. The articles cannot come from newsletters or be summaries found on web pages, or electronic journals. However, journals that are published but then are also available electronically are okay. They must be data based research articles. In submitting your paper, include a title page and works cited page. Citations should be referenced using APA style. You need to follow APA style when writing the paper.

See attached Rubric

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