discuss The Relationship Between Larceny Offenders and Criminology Theories

Instruction & Requirements:
This paper will be a point paper. A point paper is designed to provide the factual basis for issue identification and preliminary research. A point paper conveys a significant amount of information in a limited space and is a useful tool for the preliminary stages of a research paper.

The key parts for this point paper will be:

Background: 1 paragraph

Issue: Identify the primary in one sentence

Discussion: Analyze and appraise different ways this may be addressed. This is the main part of the paper; Recommendation: Choose a course of action from the discussion as your recommendation.

The point paper should support the development of the research

based around The Relationship Between Larceny Offenders and Criminology Theories. The criminology theories used to support the subject will be the Strain Theory, Social Disorganization Theory, Rational Choice Theory, and Labeling Theory.

You are writing this as an advisor to a leader in the homeland security arena and are responding to an ongoing situation. Your audience is professionals who work in the field and as such you will not have to explain any basic facts. Your final product is a proposal for a particular course of action.

The point paper should contain references to the three sources attached to the order and three more random sources. However, I would prefer the random sources be no older than the year 2002.

The point papers support the following learning objectives:

Explain the components of this particular complex problem;

Discuss the disciplines of homeland security;

Write clearly and concisely in response to a specific issue;

Research and effectively convey ideas in graduate level work, recognizing the structural, procedural and academic inputs required in its preparation.

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