Discussion Questions – Healthcare

1. How do you define health? How does someone\’s age, status, and perspective (i.e. appreciation for exercise) affect his or her definition of health? How do you think the definition of health will change in the next 20 years?2. How would you help solve one of the \”challenges for heath policy\” covered in the text? Give some examples of how one or more of these challenges have come in the way of advancing population health. 3. In your opinion, should health care be based on allocative or regulatory policy? Why?4. What do you see as the benefits of working in health care, or of being a health policymaker? 5.  Select one U.S. public-sector health policy to research.  You may use a policy mentioned in Chapter 1, such as ACA, but are not required to do so.  Name the policy and its major points.  What was the impetus for this policy? How was it \”formulated, modified, and implemented? Explain what its effects have been so far and whether or not you think it is a successful policy. Chapter 21. With which branch of the federal government would you most like to work with on health policymaking? Why?2. In your opinion, which type of negotiation is best suited for the health policy market? Why? 3. Examine the context of health policy making and research an interest group active today in health policymaking. (You may, but are not required to, select an interest group referenced in the book).  Who is involved in the group, and on whose behalf does the group advocate? How successful is the interest group in influencing policymaking? Describe an example or two of health policies that have been supported or contested by this group. 

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