Discussion Responses

Please respond to the following discussion questions, responses should be at least 2-3 paragraphs with citationsDiscussion #1As an advanced graduate student, there will be plenty of assignments where we have to analyze articles critically. As we move through our chosen degree paths, we must be cognizant to select scholarly articles that are reliable. Once we find those scholarly articles, it is then that we should utilize an effective tool to help us as scholars identify key elements of the research article as well as pertinent information. That tool is the Research Article Organizer from the Toolkit.For this discussion, I will reflect on my experience with using the Research Article Organizer. In my opinion, the Research Article Organizer is a great tool, and it helped me organize information from a multitude of sources for my literature review. It enabled me to brainstorm my research paper and connect ideas collaboratively. When I used the Research Article Organizer, there were only two modifications I made. One was to change the text color for each area, and the other was to add another topic area. I know some people think that a lot of colors could be a distraction and that black or blue ink should only be used. But, putting each area into different colors helped me to locate the area I was looking for with just a quick glance.  I also put another category called resource location. In this area, I put where I found my resources. I used this category to write where I located my references in case I need to obtain an article, book, etc. from that source for assignments in the future.On another note, iI think the Research Article Organizer and any other tools that we can use from the Toolkit should be on the sidebar where course overview, the syllabus and such are. It would be much easier to find and students wouldn\’t have to question the whereabouts of such tools.  Discussion #2

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